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Treaty No. 6 Flag

Treaty No. 6 Flag

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The Treaty No. 6 Flag was created in recognition and awareness, of the 6th out of 11 treaties signed, between First Nations Bands in central Alberta & Saskatchewan, and European (primarily British) settlers.  This is depicted by the Union Jack background.  

To date, Treaty No. 6 represents a group of 49 First Nation Bands, that have become part of the Treaty No. 6 agreement between the years of 1876 to 1956.  

These 49 First Nation Bands are represented by a Confederacy of 17 Band Governments, created in the spring of 1993, as a united political voice for all 49 bands part of Treaty No. 6.  

All First Nation Bands that are part of Treaty No. 6 are listed below:

(courtesy of Wikipedia)


Click here to see a map showing Canadian land that is covered by all eleven Treaties, between First Nation Groups and European Settlers.

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