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Flags of the DGF Meetings

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1. Deutsches Vexillologentreffen, 1990, Braunschweig

[DGF 1990] image by Marcus E.V. Schmöger,

2. Deutsches Vexillologentreffen, 1992, Achim

[DGF 1992] image by Marcus E.V. Schmöger,

3. Deutsches Vexillologentreffen, 1995, Achim

[DGF 1995] image by Marcus E.V. Schmöger,

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[DGF 1995] image by Jens Pattke,

5. Deutsches Vexillologentreffen, 1996, Ansbach

[DGF 1996] image by Jens Pattke,

6. Deutsches Vexillologentreffen, 1997, Münster

[DGF 1997] image by Jens Pattke,

7. Deutsches Vexillologentreffen, 1998, Erfurt

[DGF 1998] image by Jens Pattke,

8. Deutsches Vexillologentreffen, 1999, Bremen

[DGF 1999] image by Jens Pattke,

9. Deutsches Vexillologentreffen, 2000, Ústí nad Labem

[DGF 2000] image by Jens Pattke,

10. Deutsches Vexillologentreffen, 2001, Goslar

[DGF 2001]  image by Jens Pattke,

11. Deutsches Vexillologentreffen, 2002, Potsdam

[DGF 2002] image by Jens Pattke,

12. Deutsches Vexillologentreffen, 2003, Kassel

[DGF 2003] image by Klaus-Michael Schneider,

13. Deutsches Vexillologentreffen, 2004, Jena

[DGF 2004] image by Klaus-Michael Schneider,

14. Deutsches Vexillologentreffen, 2005, Berlin

[DGF 2005] image by Klaus-Michael Schneider,

15. Deutsches Vexillologentreffen, 2006, Bonn

[DGF 2006] image by Klaus-Michael Schneider,

16. Deutsches Vexillologentreffen, 2008, Ingolstadt

[DGF 2008] image by Klaus-Michael Schneider ,

17. Deutsches Vexillologentreffen, 2009, Höxter

[DGF 2009] image by Marcus E.V. Schmöger,

18. Deutsches Vexillologentreffen, 2010, Dresden

[DGF 2010] image by Klaus-Michael Schneider,

19. Deutsches Vexillologentreffen, 2011, Rastatt

[DGF 2011] image by Klaus-Michael Schneider,

20. Deutsches Vexillologentreffen, 2012, Minden

[DGF 2012] image by Klaus-Michael Schneider,

21. Deutsches Vexillologentreffen, 2013, Rostock

[DGF 2013] image by Stefan Schwoon,

18 October 2009

The DGF held its annual meeting in the cozy town of Höxter (Northrhine-Westphalia), 9 to 11 October 2009. Friday evening most of the people met for dinner, showed and exchanged a few things, and chatted away. The old board held its last meeting as well. Saturday morning was free for e.g. visiting Höxter with its rich complement of historic half-timbered houses. At 11am we were greeted by Höxter mayor and the first representative of the press, the latter looking for good photo-ops. Scans of the local newspaper reports can be found at

The afternoon program contained talks by Erwin Günther (Coats-of-arms and flags in Western Prussia), Jörg Majewski (Flags of Russian raions), Roman Klimes (Symbols of Saar since 1920) and Klaus Günther (Municipal flags in Northrhine-Westphalia). There was a first part of the general membership meeting as well, dealing with a few changes of the bylaws forced upon us by rules about the tax-exempt status. For the evening we went to nearby Corvey (ancient former abbey) for a guided tour and a very entertaining special dinner with monks and maids.

The former board members stood for re-election and after some persuasion, Jörg Majewski (already member of the board in charge of the Flaggenkurier and the website) agreed to run as candidate for DGF president. All candidates were elected without any dissentient votes. See below for the full list of board members. The location for our 2010 meeting was decided to be Dresden. After a short break there were two additional talks, by Rüdiger Dreyhaupt (Flags of German scouting) and Marcus Schmöger (Flags of small parties in Germany). After closing our meeting at about 1pm the new board held its first meeting.

The meeting flag shows the central emblem from the Höxter city arms (gate with towers) on the generic DGF background.
Marcus E.V. Schmöger, 18 October 2009

Joint Meetings

Two of the meetings were together with foreign vexillological organizations:

The one at Münster (1997) together with the Dutch NVvV, the one at Ústí nad Labem together with the Czech VK.

For these joint meetings there were also special flags:

Flag of the German-Dutch Joint Meeting
[Dutch-German Joint flag]
by Marcus E.V. Schmöger

The one for the German-Dutch meeting joining together the German and Dutch national flags with the knot in white and orange colour.

Flag of the German-Czech Joint Meeting
[Czech-German Joint flag]
by Marcus E.V. Schmöger

The one for the Czech-German meeting joining together the Czech national flag and the DGF flag, with a blue lozenge (fimbriated yellow) with a yellow knot in the centre.
Marcus E.V. Schmöger, 28-29 October 2002