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Fictional flags similar to the USA national flag

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Examples of flags the United States

United States
[50 stars]
Current design
United States
[15 stars and 15 stripes]
Star Spangled Banner
United States
[13 stars]
Betsy Ross design

Alternate history and futuristic versions of the US

Changes in star number

[no stars USA flag]
(Occupied) United States of America
Stealing Alabama
[1 star USA flag]
United Republic of America
Give Me Liberty
[20 stars USA flag]
(Future) United States of America
How Few Remain
[26 stars USA flag]
(Alternate) United States of America
Star Trek
[52 stars USA flag]
(Future) United States of America
Dead Air
[53 stars USA flag]
(Future) United States of America
The Indians won
[55 stars USA flag]
(Future) United States of America
Julian: A Christmas Story
[60 stars USA flag]
(Future) United States of America
Standard Island
[67 stars USA flag]
(Future) United States of America
The Day of an American
Journalist in 2890

[75 stars USA flag]
United States of Two Americas

Other flag changes

[Canton with white hammer and sickle]
Soviet United States of America
Big Guy & Rusty the Boy Robot
[5 stripes, one star roundel instead of canton]
(Future) United States of America
Bold Gory
[A USA flag using only shades of red]
(Future) United States of America
[A USA flag using only shades of red and defaced with KP emblem]
(Occupied) United States of America
[25 stars, elements replaced with advertising]
(Future) United States of "Uhmerica"
JLA: Earth-2
[21 vertical stripes, black for white, red and blue switched]
United States of Amerika
The Life Eaters
[Nine horizontal stripes, red and white, swastika centered bearing a white star on blue centered]
US Nazi puppet state
The Postman
[Name in red on white stripes, silver star on stripes]
Restored United States of America
[Blue, flag-high,centered square, with stripes on both sides, on the blue a UN-like globe surrounded by stars]
United States of America
The Simpsons
[Canton with circle of 17 stars, hearts, crescents, and clovers]
United States of America
(original design)
[1 star, 8 stripes]
(doubtful) United States of America
This Godless Communism
[Red canton with yellow star, and hammer and sickle from SU flag]
Union of Soviet States of America
The 2 Georges
[Union Flag in canton]
North American Union

Other entities with a similar flag

Buck Rogers
[canton with globe in wreath, all gold, zig-zag stripes]
unidentified flag
[Canton with a spiral galaxy]
Unidentified flag
[Red hoist box with 1 star, blue fly with blue and white stripes]
Atlantic Alliance
[Canton with earth globe, Americas showing]
The Handmaid's tale
[Canton with Republic of Gilead national seal]
Republic of Gilead
[Current, 50 stars US flag]
Western Alliance
[21 stars arranged in a disk pattern, vertical stripes]
Allied States of America
Lucky Luke: Emperor Smith
[Canton with tilted wreath around capital S, all white]
Emperor Smith
Mobile Fighter G Gundam
[4 stars, a gold lightning bolt (or stylized 'N') over the stripes]
Neo America
Standard Island
[Canton with golden sun]
Standard Island
The 2 Georges
[Canton with Bald Eagle with spread wings]
American Independence Movement