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Political flags of Cabo Verde

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(Partido Africano da Independência de Cabo Verde)
African Party for the Independence of Cabo Verde

PAICV flag
image by Thanh-Tâm Lê, 13 Mar 1999

This party arose from the common P.A.I.G.C. party from Guinea-Bissau and Cabo Verde, that had a yellow over green flag with a red stripe at hoist, and from which where derived both the current flag of Guinea-Bissau and the previous flag of Cabo Verde. I don’t know how old is this flag (I didn’t know it before), but I suspect it dates from the time when the P.A.I.C.V. abandoned marxism-leninism and became a western-type socialist party. The P.A.I.C.V., by the way, was formed when the confederation between Guinea-Bissau and Cabo Verde got split, leading to the split of the common P.A.I.G.C. party. In Guinea, the party kept the same name.
Jorge Candeias, 11 Mar 1999

The party emblem and flag are prescribed in the party statues, adopted during the VIIIth congress of PAICV, held in Praia on 20 September 1997. PAICV had been founded on 20 January 1981. The original text in Portuguese can be found online. Here’s my translation attempt:

Article 3.

  • 1. The symbols of PAICV shall be its emblem and its flag.
  • 2. The emblem shall be a rectangle divided in three smaller rectangles of different proportions, placed from top to bottom as follows:
    • a. a main rectangle of yellow colour, on which is placed a five-pointed star, which points touch the sides of the said rectangle, being one point on each side — upper, left and right —, and two points on the bottom side
    • b. a green rectangle
    • c. a red rectangle on which is placed the acronym of the party PAICV.
    • d. the aforementioned rectangles are separated by narrow horizontal stripes.
  • 3. The flag shall be made of a rectangle divided into two fields:
    • a. three vertical stripes, equal in shape ans area, from left to right, green, red, and yellow.
    • b. a main white field, charged in the middle with a black five-pointed star. The acronym of the party PAICV is placed just below the star.
Ivan Sache, 14 Dec 2001


Movimento para a Democracia

MpD flag
image by Ivan Sache, 13 Apr 2009

The MpD party is one of the two biggest political parties in Cabo Verde (the other is P.A.I.C.V.).
Cláudio Alexandre Duarte, 6 May 2004

The MpD, a liberal, right-of-center party, was founded on 14 March 1990 following the establishment of multipartism in Cabo Verde. The party won the 1991 elections and remained the governing party until 2001, the MpD leader António Mascarenhas Monteiro being President of the Republic in the same period. In 2001, the MpD was defeated by its traditional rival, the PAICV, in the legislative and presidential elections, and has been since then the main opposition party.
Ivan Sache, 13 Apr 2009

The flag of MpD, as shown transiently on the party’s website, and more clearly on a photo published by Liberal, 24 December 2008, is vertically divided white-dark green with the party’s emblem (without the "MPD" acronym) in the white part. The flag has a thin vertical dark green stripe along the hoist.
Ivan Sache, 13 Apr 2009


Party logo

The emblem of MpD is prescribed in the party’s statutes, last revised in October 2006:

Article 1
(Denomination, acronym and symbol)

The symbol of the party is made of four fan blades, three green and one white, place on a black circle and surmonted by the acronym "MPD", as shown on the model that is attached to these statutes and full part of them, as approved by all the members of the Convention’s Board.
Ivan Sache, 13 Apr 2009


Other versions?


Green logo on black disc on white flag

A person I met from Cabo Verde commented about a flag which is a white ground and a circle in the middle of it; inside of the circle is some kind of leaves going around each other.
Ásta Einarsdóttir, 30 Mar 2000

I believe that it is the flag of the MpD Party. As far as I remember the MpD flag has a white field, a black circle centered in that field, and some kind of a green wind fan within the circle.
Cláudio Alexandre Duarte, 6 May 2004


Four-color logo

The logo of M.P.D. shows on this photo, a four-sail wind wheel yellow, red, blue and green.
António Martins, 21 Nov 2006

Carlos Veiga 2006 presidential bid

National-flag-like logo

C.V. support flag
image exported by António Martins, 22 Nov 2006

During the February 2006 presidential elections in Cabo Verde, (defeated) candidate Carlos Veiga used as his campaign logo a design loosely based on the national flag: a red panel with a white stripe below the middle with blue letters reading "Confiança" (Portuguese for "trust") and a ring of 11 yellow stripes superimposed on the white stripe. (The website was still available [on 2006.11] and shows this design in vectorial detail.) This was used as a makeshift campaign flag (made of plastic, printed on one side only, probably not meant to be used as flags). Examples in online photos: #qp210, #cc246, #vp246, #cm246, #cm246, #sa246 and #sa246.
António Martins, 21 Nov 2006

Full panel logo

C.V. support flag
image exported by António Martins, 22 Nov 2006

The complete panel (showing a map of the country) had the same flag-like use. Examples in online photos: #vp214, #vp225, #cm212, #bt300 and #bt308. More examples in online photos (both types): #vp217, #vp226, #vp234, #vp250, #cm269, #sa212, #sn241 and #bt290.
António Martins, 21 Nov 2006

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