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Toll Free: 1 888 819-7869
Eastern Canada: +1 647 718-7869
Western Canada: +1 604 519-0200

  • Custom Banners for Sporting Clubs & Events

Welcome to House of Flags
& Banners

Where the World goes for Flags, Banners, Flagpoles, Windsocks, Portable Shelters, Signage & Advertising Displays. Based in Canada with offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, & Quebec , House of Flags & Banners Ltd. is a world renowned expert provider in custom printed fabric and environmentally friendly display & signage solutions. In French our name is Maison des Drapeaux et Bannieres - and we specialize in fabrication de drapeaux et bannieres personnalisé  Please reach out to us for a quotation or submit your name, phone number & email address using our contact form and someone will get back to you usually same day.
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  • Flags

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    Custom Promotional & Advertising Flags, Flags Of Canada, Provincial Flags, Flags of the World, & much more
  • Banners

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     Custom Fabric Banners, Vinyl Banners, Digital & Screen Printed for advertising, Street Pole Banners, Trade Show Banners, Tournament & Event Banners, Bowhead Banners, Teardrop Banners, Sail Banners,  Hanging Ceiling Banners, & more...
  • Pennant Strings

    Pennant Strings
    Custom Pennant Strings, Metallic Pennant Strings, Rectangular Pennant Strings, Triangular Pennant Strings, Multi Coloured Pennant Strings & more..
  • Flagpoles

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    Residential Flagpoles, Commericial Flagpoles, Fiberglass Flagpoles, Steel Flagpoles, Stainless Steel Flagpoles, Aluminum Flagpoles, Custom Flagpoles